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I am Davide Saggioro, audio mastering & post production sound engineer for music and sound for video.

Wise Mastering is my studio.

Acoustic treatment has been improved to fit the midfield monitor ATC SMC50 Asl Pro.
I use analog gears as Maselec,Thermionic, Pendulum, Sontec, Api, Avalon and conversion by Prism Sound.

I provide professional PMCD (with error check), DDP and Digital Files.

I also restore audio from tape.

Contact me for details.


My life

for sound

who I am

I was born at the turn of analog tape machine era and the beginning of the digital computer music.

My passion for audio mastering started when I was 16, when some friends asked to me to make their records sounds better.

I have spent the last 20 years studying and working on audio engineering, mastering and restoring.

So feel free to send me your enquiries. I’ll do my best to help you.

harsh? muddish? boomy? How to fix it?

I can help you

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Upload your files

Wise Mastering : Mastering on line service


Upload your project HERE

Max 2GB. Name it as the project.

or by WeTransfer or your favorite online file transfer service. Use this mail – without brackets – : (mastering)@(wisemastering.com)



  • Pay attention to audio clipping. Good mixes should be have peak level around -1 to -6 dbfs , and rms level around -18 to – 14 dbfs
  • Don’t insert any heavy compression or limiting or equalization on the mixbus.
  • Export audio with equal or better resolution you mixed.
  • Audio Formats allowed only: wav, aif.
  • Send to us an email where you explain songs details and considerations (and put your name!!!).

Wise Mastering on line : FREE DEMO mastering

Upload your song/project and receive a free mastering demo (1 minute or a bit more). The free demo is for one track only.


  1. Upload you files by using the widget above. Every file should be named by number position (in album) and title.
  2. Insert also a “readme” file (.txt) where you put titles, isrc codes, cd text, etc, considerations (and your name)
  3. When finished you will receive a demo of your mastered project.
  4. You will receive the complete project once you will proceed with the payment.

Payment will be proceeded by Paypal.


All prices here below and in the promotional boxes below exclude VAT when applicable.

Each mix/mastering session includes 1 revision of the song /project.

Add $ 10 | € 8 for each new revision.

Wise Mastering usually does not provide audio storage solutions for clients.
Client takes care by itself about storage of his projects.
It could be done on demand. Ask for a quotation.


  • DDP : $35 | €25
  • PMCD : $30 | €21 + shipping costs
  • WAV: free.
  • MP3: ask before.

EXAMPLE album lenght:

  • One track : €40,00
  • 10 tracks: €400,00

Discounts and special offers throughout the year. Come back to this website or subscribe to the WiseMastering newsletter.


Works done

page in progress

Sleeping Wonder - film - WiseMastering View Detail

Sleeping Wonder – The Film

I worked as sound mixer and post-production audio engineer for this film in the middle of 2015. Also some foley and sound design were done. Lenght: 9′ 30”. Genre: Ccomedy/Drama Award: Special mention I FILMMAKER FF di Marbella. Film Festival …

sonsoftibet - mastering View Detail

Sons of Tibet

In Tibet there is no freedom. Human rights are constantly being violated. Lhamo Kyab is the 56th Tibetan to immolate himself for his country. Today self immolations have reached 149. At WiseMastering we re-mixed and restored some audio dialogue and some …

romero I View Detail

Romero – Romero I

Rock n’ roll power trio! Romero I,  debut ep. Mastering by Wise at WiseMastering Romero on Facebook

Gravesite - Horrifying Nightmares View Detail

Gravesite – Horrifying Nightmares…

“1st album by this italian band formed by members from HAEMOPHAGUS, UNDEAD CREEP & CANCER SPREADING that plays an old fashioned Horror Death Metal in the tradition of bands like AUTOPSY, GRAVE, DEATH, CARCASS…” (Xtreem Music) Mastering by Wise @ …

Vultures - Crossroads - Wisemastering View Detail

Vultures – Cross

Vultures – Cross (Ep) Mastering by Wisemastering

Sura -  Soud recordist View Detail


Sound Recordist “SURA, la Afore de Rafa Márquez”, 2015 Client: Sura Mexico. Testimonial:Rafa Marquez.

cover_02_vers_colori_1400x1400-02-300x300 View Detail

John Mario – Per fare spazio

  John Mario – Per fare spazio  - Cabezon Records (2015)   John Mario | John Mario on Facebook | Cabezon Records

Blackmama - WiseMastering View Detail

Black Mama

”We have recorded this album in february 2012 with true passion. It’s live without compromises, dirty and authentic as Rock ‘n Roll should sound, and when we say Rock n’ Roll… We mean Rock n’ Roll..” Black Mama on Facebook

View Detail

Restoring audio interview

Just a sample of restoring audio for video. Restoring bad audio recording interview affected by: – bad radiomic placement – improper radiomic gain setting (overmodulation and distorsion) – automatic gain control is active

Best_Friends_Forever View Detail

Best Friends 4Ever

I worked as sound recordist for this Disney Channel (Ita) project

beyond_akitomisaki_wisemastering View Detail

Akito Misaki – Beyond

Akito Misaki – Beyond Ambient, Piano

Colony-Akito-Misaki-Cities-Apart Wise Mastering View Detail

Cities Apart

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away” (Philip K. Dick, 1978). Colony / Akito Misaki

subaru XV View Detail

Subaru XV – The Peak

Subaru XV The Peak Sound Design, Mix, Mastering

Colony - Meet Merge Dissolve - WiseMastering View Detail

Colony – Meet Merge Dissolve

Colony – Meet Merge Dissolve Dubstep, Alternative Colony : http://iamcolony.bandcamp.com/  

ratzmataz globalrevolution wisemastering View Detail

Ratzmataz – Global Revolution

Ratzmataz Hard Rock band, first album Label LOGIC(IL)LOGIC RECORDS.  

View Detail

Nike Academy – Milan

I worked as sound recordist for “The Nike Academy – Milan“, a short film-documentary. The Video production company is Archer’s Mark, Uk. See they’re great other works. This the final video edit. Enjoy.

0001861154_10 View Detail

Nicola Battisti – Self Title Album

Nicola Battisti debut album, out on 31th may, produced by label Cabezon Records , mastered @ wisemastering.com Nicola is a talented pop singer and songwriter. His album is full of beautiful rhythms and positive melodies. Join his website Nicola Battisti Label: …

Up there in Germany View Detail

Up There in Germany – Stories of Italian emigration in the 60s

Post-production and restoring audio: mix and clean interviews by hits, rumors, noises. From the official website: Up There in Germany – Stories of Italian emigration in the 60s “Men and women who left Italy to seek their fortune in Germany tell …

View Detail

Best Friend 4 Ever – 2012

Field audio recording for tv program BF4E -2012  Disney Channel TV (Italy).

a0150220509_10 View Detail

Maria Messina – Never Walking Shoes

Maria Messina – Never Walking Shoes  

here it is! fixing some audio issues before export omf. Take a look at the image attached. The editor forgot to... fb.me/8aw8RZMXq

Last week

feel the vibe with Nicola Battisti ... fb.me/5gootP13R

About 2 weeks ago

house music in da house! @ Wisemastering!!!

About 2 weeks ago

Golden ears & grammy awards mastering engineer Leonardo S at works on mastering Elephant Claps fb.me/2Zn4DrnlU

Last month

Golden ears & grammy awards mastering engineer Leonardo S at works… instagram.com/p/BLGPaVSDeNxI…

Last month

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